Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back in Or-eh-gone.

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I made it home, yes I did! Actually, I got back a little over a week ago. My last "real" stop was in Idaho Falls, where I prepped for the long drive home. 11 hours of driving, 5 energy drinks and about 50 CD changes later, I made it back to Portland. The trip ended up being about 6,000 miles long, which took me through twelve states, not including Oregon.
It was great to see how others throughout the country live since Portland really is unique in its own. You don't need to travel abroad (although I do have that desire) to find diverse cultures. Someday, perhaps after graduate school, I also want to make a trip throughout the Northernmost states with Niagra Falls being the destination. I'd like to feel safe enough to camp along the way, though, so perhaps I won't do it solo. Although, this time, traveling alone was, indeed, the right thing for me.
Already, I miss the feeling of waking up and simply asking myself "mmm, where should I go today?" Still, being home has its perks.


Idaho Falls, ID. The Idaho Mormon Temple is the white building pictured in the background. In all honesty, I was not the greatest fan of Idaho. This was a relaxing location, but man-made, so the relaxing feeling of visiting say, Silver Falls or Multnomah was not there.

I used to have an obsession with Sweedish Fish candy and having been in a lot of gas station food marts, I was able to discover the new Aquafish, which are amazing. I stocked up before my drive home.

Also stocked up on energy drinks. I felt as though my heart were going to explode after drinking these and one other.

OREGON. The first visible setting upon entering Oregon. B-E-A-T-I-F-U-L!

And, of course, I had a wonderful welcome home :)

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  1. I had never seen this post! The picture of the clouds when you first came into Oregon are stunning!!!!!!!!